Scanning and uploading sounds complicated - but people do it every day with Facebook and other online social sites. So how hard could it be?

You do need a scanner, or a very good digital camera. Ideally, our goal is to get a digital version of the paper photo that has enough pixels to produce a decent printed version. Huh? We'll explain later...

To get a decent printed version we'll need a scan resolution of at least 300 dpi, and preferably 600 dpi. So set your scanning software to scan the photo at its original dimensions at 600 dpi. The dimensions can't exceed 4000 pixels on either side (height or width).

What color mode? If it's a black-and-white photo, scan it as gray scale; if it's color, scan as color. And if they give you the choice, go with the highest bit level and the highest quality setting when saving.

With this version of the site we're limited to JPEGs, so the scan will have to scanned and saved as a "JPEG," which means the file name end with a ".jpg" (Future versions of this site will support TIFF files, a non-lossy format that's much better for archiving.)

After the photo is scanned and saved as a file on your computer, you need to upload the file. Log into the site with your login name and password, and if you've been granted the permission, an Upload tab will appear. Click that. (If one doesn't appear, email me and tell me why you deserve one.) Your uploaded photo(s) will be held in a digital "holding pen" until we can review them.
These instructions will be fleshed out and improved over the coming months - feel free to email with questions.
Last Updated: July 13, 2013

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