Welcome to the world's largest collection of Biddeford Pool photos!

It all started with long-time Pool resident Toby Schoyer's four-volume collection of historic Pool photos and postcards. After his death, I scanned and put them on the web with a rudimentary searchable database. Changing web technologies knocked them off the air for several years, but now they're back online - with a stronger technical backbone that will help the collection grow for years to come.

Unlike the previous version, this one's designed for interaction. We want to find out what people know about the places and people shown in these photos. Interested users can register with the site, then post comments with each picture. They can also comment on others' comments. We hope a lively (and well-moderated!) discussion can help illuminate the past - and help pass the winter.

Registered users will also be able to upload photos, which will help us grow this collection exponentially. Please see the About Scanning and Uploading page for more details.

Toby's collection was augmented in 2010 with a diverse collection of photos gathered by Sam and Abigail Carroll for a film celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Biddeford Pool Yacht Club. I know there are more where those came from, so if you contributed to Sam and Abigail, please consider getting in touch with me so we can work out adding more great old photos to this online collection.

I'll be adding B Pool photos from my parents' and uncle's collection - and I ask everyone with Pool connections to do the same.

Also new is an online version of Joseph Smith's classic "Gleanings from the Sea," courtesy of Google's ambitious book scanning program.

We can support video and audio. We've only just begun; there's so much more to come.


Andy Lindsay and the Biddeford Pool Community Historical Society
Last Updated: July 13, 2013

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